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Duca Consulting International is proud to be a small enterprise.  We are the foremost small consulting firm offering technical assistance, research, and evaluation services in trade policy, trade facilitation, and foreign direct investment. As the leading small disadvantaged business in this arena, our analyses of the enabling environment for enterprise formation are also second-to-none.

Trade policy, customs reform, and private direct investment are related in practical ways. Together they generate demonstrable impact on the poor, on women, and on small businesses as well as on critical sectors such as education, health, and security. In identifying this impact in specific contexts, Duca Consulting can help our clients optimize success in their development projects and program evaluations.

In all our work as a technical consulting business, Duca Consulting International adheres to fact-based analysis. Professional integrity defines our deliverables and our client relationships.

Our experience reaches across five continents. We have a strong portfolio of successful work in French and Spanish-speaking environments. We are especially proud of our close relationship with all Portuguese-speaking countries and are supportive of the Comunidade dos Países de Lingua Portuguesa (CPLP).

Thank you for visiting our web site; we look forward to working with you.

Duca Consulting International welcomes submission of resumes from experienced consultants with outstanding writing abilities.






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