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Duca Consulting International specializes in technical advisory services for regulatory regimes that promote national and regional economic competitiveness. Our technical assistance is grounded in fact-based analysis and international comparative data; our research and evaluations rely on quantitative assessments for practical solutions to programmatic issues.


A specialty tool we have developed is our Rapid Diagnostics, an analytic facility that offers quick response for programming offices with virtually no compromise of essential information. Our four practice areas are:

International Trade
Foreign Direct Investment
Enterprise Formation and Promotion
Research & Evaluation

 International Trade
Duca Consulting offers both general and specialized services in trade policy analysis and in trade facilitation. We are acutely sensitive to the governance and social ramifications of trade policy decisions—the implications for rural populations, the urban poor, and women. We are equally aware of the economic implications behind trade transactions and modern border management. Duca Consulting has been a leader in supporting the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and has conducted full TFA assessments in six countries. We have compiled an abridged version of the Agreement in four languages.



Customs Modernization
Trade Portal and Single Window development
Compliance evaluations of the Trade Facilitation Agreement
Social dimensions of trade policy
Regional Integration Agreements

AEO programs; Advance Rulings; SAFE; TBT.


 Foreign Direct Investment

Duca Consulting International has led or participated in numerous investor roadmaps or administrative barriers studies under both USAID and IFC funding. As an alternative to these exhaustively detailed, time-consuming studies, we also offer a Rapid Diagnostic for quick response in assessing a country's competitive position in attracting FDI. Duca Consulting has analyzed the effectiveness of Investment Promotion Agencies in many countries and even drafted successful legislation for a new IPA.



Investor Roadmaps/Rapid Diagnostics

Foreign investment laws and regulations

Registering the foreign firm

Trade policy and commercial presence

Investment promotion agencies



 Enterprise Promotion

Duca Consulting International houses some of the most comprehensive experience available in the formation and development of private businesses. We look at the overall policy and regulatory environments from both local and international points of view. We consider a proper regulatory environment part and parcel of national competitiveness. In the micro and small business sector, Duca Consulting favors policies that foster migration of microenterprises towards formal legal status.



Rapid Diagnostics of the enabling environment
Incentives to domestic investment

One-stop-shop windows and proposals

Commercial Code analysis

Business registration and incorporation

Permits and licenses for operating


 Research & Evaluation

Duca Consulting International anchors its work in program evaluations to the finest standards of social science research. Our research projects adhere to the concept of total survey design, which proposes that any survey is only as good as the least of its parts. We avoid the anecdotal approach as always potentially misleading. Duca Consulting's core value of integrity is nowhere more evident than in our evaluations and assessments. Our evaluations of training and technical assistance follow a model well known in U.S. corporate circles.


Monitoring and Evaluation design

Full probability surveys

Project/program evaluations

Impact assessments

Data Quality Assessments


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