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Rice & Beans 

Black beans à moda brasileira

(feijão preto simples sem carne)



1 lb. dry black beans

3-5 large cloves garlic, cut up

½ tsp. ground comino

¼ cup oil

2 bay leaf

salt and pepper



Boil the beans in plain water, no salt, until quite soft. (Soaking the beans for 2 hours or overnight facilitates this task.)


Drain all or half of the beans, saving the water from the cooking. Let beans drain well.


In a separate pot or casserole, sauté the garlic along with the comino, a tsp of salt, and crushed black pepper. When the garlic turns golden, toss in the drained beans. Begin to crush them with something flat-bottomed (even a glass jar), mixing them around. Keep crushing with the heat medium high, stirring them constantly with a wood spoon. (You do not want a consistent puree, like refried beans, just a lot of crushed, semi-pureed beans along with partially crushed and whole ones).


When all the water is evaporated, and the beans are almost sticking to the pot, just before they begin to burn put the drained water back into the pot. Stir well, put in bay leaves, and lower heat. Start to add salt; use plenty of salt—just before the taste of salt becomes excessive.


You can eat the beans right away, or leave them to simmer for hours on end. The longer they simmer, the better they taste. Just put the heat very low if you are going to leave them, and stir from the bottom occasionally.


The beans should have a thick broth when served—neither dry nor soupy.


Serve with long-grain rice. One lb served with rice feeds 4-6.


A Caipirinha e a Caipirosca
Regarded by Duca Consulting as indispensable to the full enjoyment of feijão preto, as well as to the general enjoyment of life, the caipirinha ou caipriosca should be made with loving care and excess in all ingredients. For the caipirinha use cachaça, for the caipriosca use vodka (Absolut Citron is the best).

2 oz cachaça (or vodka)
¼ lime cut in 5-6 pieces
1 big tablespoon white sugar



In an 8-10 oz short glass, lightly crush the lime pieces into the sugar. Add a little cachaça and mix. Add abundant ice and fill with remaining cachaça. Add splash of water. Result should be deceptively smooth.


Bom proveito!




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