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Current Projects


Monitoring and Evaluation Program, 2010–2015.

USAID. Colombia.

Working closely with DevTech Systems and with the prestigious Colombian economic consulting firm, Econometria, S.A., Duca Consulting is fielding experts to assist in creating a Mission-wide Performance Management Plan and, subsequently, to conduct targeted surveys and assessments. Duca Consulting is concentrating on USAID/Colombia’s Assistance Objectives that embrace economic growth and the business enabling environment, especially at the local level.

Blanket Purchase Agreement, 2010–2015

USAID. Senegal.

As a major subcontractor to DevTech, Duca Consulting will respond to task orders in various areas of economic policy analysis. The firm has past experience in Senegal and is familiar with the principal local actors in investment and export promotion. Duca Consulting expects to bring its knowledge and experience in the business enabling environment, FDI, and in trade facilitation.


GBTI-II: Global Business, Trade, and Investment, 20072012.

USAID through Chemonics.

The GBTI-II IQC provides USAID missions with a fast, easy way to procure services from contractors with a proven record in accelerating economic growth. Duca Consulting is a privileged subcontractor with Chemonics, bring to the consortium expertise in trade, investment, and business development.


Past Projects (selections)


Fiscal Reform Monitoring, 20082011.

U.S. Department of the Treasury. São Tomé and Príncipe.

Duca Consulting providing annual monitoring and analysis of the fiscal reform activity that Treasury executed on behalf of the MCC Threshold Program in São Tomé and Príncipe. Duca Consulting completed in the first phase of the contract a survey of user perceptions, an organization and personnel analysis of the Tax Office in São Tomé, and a series of inferential calculations of noncompliant businesses. A second phase, completed in March 2010, provided a detailed assessment of project achievements over a two-year period. In the final phase in 2011, we provided and end-term report that received the praise of Treasury's Office of Technical Assistance.

Accounting Certification and Education Project, 20072010.

USAID. Angola.

The ACEP activity promoted the modernization of the accounting and auditing professions in Angola. Working closely with the Central Bank over a period of 30 months, experts recruited by Duca Consulting drafted the statutes for an entirely new professional organization, established the criteria for internationally recognized certification, and designed relevant university curricula. In the final months of contract extension, Duca Consulting implemented a series of training events for qualified professionals. Written congratulations from lead Angolans, shortly following termination of the contract, praised the efforts that resulted in the formal establishment of the Organization of Professional Accountants and Auditors.

Single Windows Feasibility Study, 2009.

ECOWAS/World Bank. West Africa.

As a subcontractor to the Tokyo-based firm, PADECO Ltd.,

Duca Consulting designed a bankable project intended for the establishment of single window mechanisms in the ports of Abidjan, Cotonou, Lomé, and Lagos. The firm managed a team of five expert consultants, produced three reports containing exhaustive analyses of obstacles, opportunities, and benefits based on international experience as well as on multilateral rules per the WTO/GATT and the WCO Revised Kyoto Convention, and led a formal presentation to over 30 representatives of the ECOWAS secretariat, member countries, and the World Bank.

The Nevis Investment Promotion Agency, 2007.

USAID through The Services Group. Nevis & St. Kitts.

Contracted under the Caribbean Open Trade Support project, Duca Consulting drafted the legal statutes for a start-up IPA in Nevis, in the Caribbean island Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis. The statutes were passed by the Nevis Administration, and the IPA was established within six months of our report. The firm also provided staffing recommendations, an operations manual, and a strategic plan.

The Nacala Free Zone Feasibility Study, 2007.

Millenium Challenge Corporation. Mozambique.

As a full Team Partner with TSG under a GSA schedule contract, Duca Consulting contributed economic and policy analyses to this pre-feasibility study. The study came at a critical time when Brazil's massive mining conglomerate, the Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, was deciding against the Nacala Corridor. The report's conclusions advising against the investment prevented what could have been a seriously misguided application of MCC's assistance funds for Mozambique.


Angola Trade Facilitation Assessment, 2006.

USAID/South Africa Trade Hub.

Duca Consulting provided the only Portuguese-speaking member of a four-person team that conducted Angola's first trade facilitation assessment. Duca Consulting led meetings with Angolan Customs, analyzed the modernized code, and researched regulatory legislation. The final report was a full assessment with ample practical recommendations for achieving compliance with WTO and WCO rules and expectations.


COMESA Trade in Services Framework, 2006.

USAID/East Africa Trade Hub.

On subcontract to Louis Berger International, Duca Consulting offered an annotated critique of the existing Framework agreement and recommend extensive revisions based on analyses of nineteen Regional Integration Agreements including NAFTA, the EU, APEC, and others.


Performance Monitoring Design, 2005.

USAID. Jamaica.

Contracted directly by DevTech Systems, Inc., Duca Consulting brought specialized consultants to design a monitoring system based on ACCESS to track all USAID-funded activities following the Mitch Hurricane.

Trade Expansion for Southern Africa (TESA), 2004.

USAID (RCSA). Botswana.

Duca Consulting led the consulting team that reviewed extensive documentation on Southern Africa trade policy and experience and conducted interviews in the SADC region. The team's outcome was a full Activity Approval Document for the forthcoming TESA solicitation.

Evaluation of the Enterprise Development Project, 2004.

USAID. Central Asia.

Under a direct 8(a) contract with USAID/CAR, Duca Consulting fielded a four-person team, including two Russian-speakers, to conduct a program evaluation of the Enterprise Development Project in all five of the Central Asian republics. The final report resulted in significant changes to the ongoing project.

Customs Reform, 2004.

World Bank. The Gambia.

Analyzed in detail all customs procedures for merchandise clearance from manifest receipt through release of goods; wrote analysis of efficiency losses and made recommendations leading to greater compliance with the WTO valuation agreement and other international customs best practices as per Revised Kyoto.

Investor Roadmaps and Admin Barriers Studies, 2002–2006.

USAID and the Foreign Investment Advisory Service (FIAS).

Duca Consulting participated directly or through its staff in roadmaps and admin barriers studies in the following countries:


  • Nigeria
  • Angola
  • Venezuela
  • Nicaragua
  • Jordan
  • Namibia







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