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Duca Consulting developed Rapid Diagnostics to answer a need of field missions for highly focused, practical information with extremely fast turnaround. The streamlined, targeted reports respond to pressing needs for programming decisions and monitoring data. The Diagnostics represent an ideal mechanism for getting a job done quickly with the right degree of detail, and with clarity and elegance of expression.




How much LOE goes into a Rapid Diagnostic?

A Rapid Diagnostic can demand between 20 and 45 consulting days, inclusive of pre-departure research and report preparation. Depending on the nature of the assignment, we send one or two consultants to the field for a maximum of 18 days for a single consultant, 12 days for a two-person team.


How comprehensive is a Rapid Diagnostic?

Rapid Diagnostics are amazingly comprehensive, because they are tightly focused. We can provide in a short period a broad and detailed description of the policy and regulatory environment for launching new business, of a country’s trade policy, WTO compliance, and international competitiveness, or of investment and export promotion organizations. Rapid Diagnostics are sufficiently comprehensive to provide an operating unit with all it needs to know to make programming choices.


Why go with a Rapid Diagnostic instead of a full-blown study?

For four reasons: (i) a Rapid Diagnostic should provide all the necessary information a mission requires; (ii) you can have it in final form within 30 days of starting the job; (iii) you can contract for a Rapid Diagnostic in a week; (iv) a typical Rapid Diagnostic will cost between $35 and $60k, travel, per diem, and ODCs included.


Why go for a Rapid Diagnostic with Duca Consulting when a mission can use a task order under an existing IQC?

Because you will get what you need very quickly, with no need for competing an TORFP, no waiting 12 weeks for the final deliverable, the cost is minimal, and the mission can get 8(a) credit.


If a mission ultimately chooses to do a large study, won’t they be replicating effort?

A Rapid Diagnostic should give you 90 percent of what a large study will provide at a fifth the cost and a quarter of the time. And if we define it right, it will give you 100 percent of what you actually need.


What are the deliverables under a Rapid Diagnostic?

We provide a well-written, concise, and focused final report that will not exceed twenty pages. We do not sacrifice research time in order to write draft reports, so the deliverable is final. We like to make one or two presentations of preliminary findings so that there are no untoward surprises when the report is delivered.


Can a Rapid Diagnostic be used for a project assessment or a program evaluation?

Yes—within narrow limits. A Rapid Diagnostic used for assessment purposes will target performance objectives of an activity and stay within those confines. It can document success or failure but cannot offer the extensive research that many evaluations demand. It can be an excellent monitoring instrument.


Does Duca Consulting offer Rapid Diagnostics in other areas, e.g. education or health?

Not at present. Duca Consulting International is a small firm intent on staying close to the practice areas it knows and does best: the policy and regulatory environments of trade, investment, and business development.


Can a Rapid Diagnostic focus on an institution? 

We have developed Rapid Diagnostics for organizations established to promote a country’s exports or to attract foreign investment. These are highly useful assessments for an operating unit undecided whether to support such an entity.


Can Duca Consulting be contracted without competition?

Duca Consulting International is certified 8(a) by the Small  Business Administration. You can sole-source an 8(a) company for anything under $3 million. Your CO will know how to write the offer letter.


How does the 8(a) contract work? 

All contracting officers and specialists know the procedures. They take the job description, specify Duca Consulting International in the offer letter, and send it to the SBA.


We need a Rapid Diagnostic and need the results yesterday. How quickly can you deliver?

If all parties do their job, you could have the final report on your desk in 30 days from reading this FAQ. Obviously, there are numerous variables. Once we begin the work, however, we will get the report to you in 30 days or less, depending on the requirements of the statement of work.


How can we know more—or get started? 

Send an email to info@ducaconsulting.com or call us at 301-637-6876.

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